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ECR Membership Structure and Dues

At the moment, we are democratic mainly at the chapter level but have national video conference calls monthly for people who want to be active in other cities and coordinate with us. We are working towards a more formal national network or organization but not there yet. People who want to be on these monthly calls should contact us at


There are three types of members all of whom pay dues:


1) Chapter membership for people in a chapter. These people can shape policy and programs at the chapter and national level. These dues go towards the functioning of the organization at the national level. If individual chapters institute their own chapter dues, their members can contribute as little as $1 to the national dues.

2) National membership for people who live where there is no chapter but want to work on our campaigns and support the organization. These people will be added to our list to receive emergency bulletins, news, events and calls for action. They can choose to join our national conference calls by notifying us at

3) Supporting membership for people who want to be donors who do not wish to get emergency bulletins, news or events but are willing to be contacted annually. They can choose to make a single or recurrent donation. 

All dues are on a sliding scale, ranging from$1 to $20 a month, depending on income.

Please set up a recurrent payment via PayPal by clicking on the button below to enable monthly automatic billing.

If you prefer not to become a member but make a donation instead, please do so here: