EMERGENCY: Call Congress



Dear friends of Rojava,


As he did in December 2018, Donald Trump got on the phone on Sunday with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and gave him a green light to invade Rojava. He said US troops will move out of the way and control of ISIS prisoners will be handed over to Turkey. US troop withdrawal has already begun this morning. 


This must not happen. If Turkey invades Rojava, we will see a repeat of the horror show going on in Afrin. And since Turkey's support for ISIS has been extensively documented, this move will spell disaster for many years to come and not only for the Middle East.


We must all urgently oppose Trump's decisions with everything we've got. If we can generate the kind of pressure we did last year, we have a chance of stopping this insane move. It is essential that we all call our Senators and House Represenatives and the White House immediately and every day until this decision is reversed. It is also critical to call the office of Sen. Lindsey Graham at 202-224-5972, the most powerful Republican on this issue, who has Trump’s ear. Let him know you support his strong stance in favor of the Kurds. If you don’t know your district representatives' names and numbers, enter your name and zip code on this site and it will tell you: https://www.callmycongress.com/


When you call please say your name and Congressional district, and make these four points. 


1) I am calling to oppose Trump's capitulation to Erdogan. Erdogan is not a friend of the US and Turkey is no longer an ally.


2) The Trump administration is making itself responsible for genocide of our real allies, the Kurds. Turkey will drive them out of their homes as it did in Afrin and subject them to the rule of jihadis. This is a war crime and must not be allowed to happen.


3) Handing over control of ISIS prisoners to Turkey is incredibly dangerous. Turkey aided ISIS and will treat them as allies.  As 13 US National Security professionals warned on Sept. 11, these prisoners must be brought to trial under proper supervision. 


4. At the very least the US must commit to enforcing a no-fly zone to prevent Turkey from bombing the region and causing mass casualties. 


If you want a script you can read on the phone, here it is: 


My name is _________ and I am your constituent. I am calling to ask you to strongly oppose President Trump's decision to let Turkey invade northeastern Syria, which will result in genocidal attacks on the Kurds. Erdogan has clearly announced he plans to deport the entire Kurdish population and hand their homes over to Syrian jihadis. This is exactly what he did in Afrin; it is a war crime and the US cannot be party to it. I also ask you to strongly oppose handing control of ISIS prisoners over to Turkey. As the Pentagon and the SDF have documented, Turkey gave material aid to ISIS. ISIS prisoners should be put on trial; Turkey is more likely to release them to do more damage to the world.  


For Trump's announcement, see this New York Times article. For documentation of the dangers of the ISIS prisoners, see this letter by 13 intelligence professionals. Also, here is a recent article from a Homeland Security expert at Georgetown documenting the ISIS connection to Turkey.  


For further background information, see the letter below drafted by the Emergency Committee for Rojava shortly before the eruption of the present crisis.


If you want more information, please contact us at info@defendrojava.org. Please share this message widely AND PLEASE ACT NOW!




Debbie Bookchin, Anya Briy, Ozlem Goner, Anna-Sara Malmgren, Elizabeth Miller, Meredith Tax, and Matthew Whitley 

Steering Committee of the Emergency Committee for Rojava