Debbie Bookchin's



November 1- November 11

The Emergency Committee for Rojava and our comrades on the West Coast are pleased to present a report by journalist and author Debbie Bookchin, who has recently returned from the autonomous Kurdish-led region known as Rojava. She will talk about why it is critical to defend this feminist, ecological, democratic project from the ongoing onslaught by Turkey and its jihadi allies as well as the Syrian regime, and how ideas of social ecology have influenced the Kurdish freedom movement. This report is part of the speaking tour that ECR envisions as a step towards building a nationwide network to support Rojava and the Kurdish movement at a time when they are in grave danger. 

November 1 - University of Washington, Tacoma 

November 2 - Labor Temple Meeting Hall, Seattle 

November 3 - 115 Legion, Olympia 

November 4 - Evergreen State College, Olympia 

November 5 - University of Oregon, Eugene 

November 6 - Portland State University 

November 7 - La Conxa, LA 

November 9 - Tamarack Oakland 

November 10 - California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco

November 11 - Cafe Colonial, Sacramento

The tour is happening with the collaboration of Demand Utopia SeattleRojava & Kurdish Solidarity SeattleRising Tide Seattle, Labor Temple Association, Evergreen State College, Tamarack OaklandSacramento DSALa Conxa & O.V.A.S, Sunday Dinner LADSA-LSC LA, California Institute of Integral Studies, 115 LegionOlympia AssemblyThe Black Cottonwood CollectiveEugene Rojava & Kurdish SolidarityCafe Colonial SacramentoEugene Rojava & Kurdish SolidarityRojava Solidarity PortlandDemand Utopia PortlandSymbiosis Portland, Middle Eastern Studies Dep-t at Portland State University, Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, Social and Historical Studies and The Labor Solidarity Project at University of Washington, Tacoma Campus.