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Documentaries about Rojava


Rojava, The Revolution by Women

by Mylene Sauloy

Arte Geie


25 min

“In the middle of the Syrian chaos, Rojava is home to four million Kurds, Arabs, Syrians and other people who live there peacefully and have signed a surprising “social contract”: gender and economic equality with direct democracy – in a Middle East that is still very much male chauvinistic, multi-ethnic and anti-secularism... All while the region is still ablaze with religious and nationalist intolerance. And yet this ecological and egalitarian social project is never invited to the negotiation tables on the future of Syria. Why does the coalition – which supported the Kurds in their battle against the Islamic State – now refuse to recognize their de facto autonomy in this province that spans a third of the Syrian territory?”  


Rojava: A Utopia in the Heart of Syria's Chaos

by Chris Den Hond

& Mireille Court


45 min

Taking a critical perspective, the film addresses controversial issues and contradictions of Rojava. The footage from the ground includes a discussion of the problems experienced with extracting and refining oil as well as producing electricity more generally; interviews with officials of the autonomous region, Kurdish opposition voices and representatives of other ethnic backgrounds; an investigation into whether the Kurds have conducted human rights violations in regards to local population.


Roza—The Country of Two Rivers

by Kudbettin Cebe

Komina Film Rojava


The film compiles a lot of footage from Rojava, including interviews with ordinary people, combattants, activists and officials from various ethnic backgrounds: “The documentary is detailing the Rojava Revolution, with stories of Assyrian, Kurdish, Arabic people. This people are subjected to the ISIS attacks, on the other hand they are trying to build the democratic confederalism system developed by the Kurdish liberation movement. This struggle is not easy in Syria. This film details the hardships and the political terrain.”



Born from Urgency

by Joey Lawrence

3 parts


“Joey Lawrence’s film and photography series highlights the brave men and women on the frontlines against ISIS. It’s an independent, deeply personal and first-person perspective of the war, without the constraints of our mainstream media.”  


Journey 1 (31 min) starts with Joey’s visit of the PKK in Makhmour, Iraqi Kurdistan, after ISIS had lost this city, and continues in Tel Hamis in Syrian Kurdistan, also just recently liberated from ISIS, ending in Sinjar (Shingal), Iraqi Kurdistan—where the genocide of Yazidi population took place—to witness the fight for the liberation of the city from ISIS:

In Journey 2 (65 min), Joey Lawrence returns to Sinjar (Shingal) in Iraqi Kurdistan after the city was liberated from ISIS:

In Journey 3 (12 min), the filmmaker goes to the frontlines of Raqqa documenting the fight of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against ISIS: