Rojava in April 2017, before the invasion of Afrin. 
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About Us

The Emergency Committee for Rojava was initiated by four concerned observers who have been following the Rojava experiment in feminism, pluralism, democracy and environmentalism from its beginnings. The open letter published on this website, and in The New York Review of Books (NYR Daily) on April 23, 2018, was primarily intended as an organizing tool in order to encourage and help facilitate coordinated action to end the occupation of Afrin and support autonomy for Rojava.

About Us

Our Structure

The ECR is a membership organization, initially comprised of a national steering committee and committees in formation. We hope to build a national network of campus-based and other groups, as well as individual members and supporters.


A campus-based ECR chapter can be started by faculty members or students who take responsibility for it to the ECR steering committee.