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November 1 - University of Washington, Takoma 

November 2 - Labor Temple Meeting Hall, Seattle 

November 3 - 115 Legion, Olympia 

November 4 - Evergreen State College, Olympia 

November 5 - University of Oregon, Eugene 

November 6 - Portland State University 

November 7 - La Conxa, LA 

November 9 - Tamarack Oakland 

November 10 - California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco

November 11 - Cafe Colonial, Sacramento

Join Our Phone Blast and Arrange a Meeting with Your Congressional Representative:

Demands on the U.S. Government

We are continuing our phone blast with renewed demands given the changed circumstances on the ground. As the Turkish invasion continues, it is still crucial to call your representatives on a daily basis.

If you don’t know your representatives names and numbers, enter your name and zip code on this site and it will tell you: https://www.callmycongress.com/

When you call, read them this brief script:

I am (your name) and I am your constituent. I am calling to ask you to strongly oppose the genocidal attack on our Kurdish allies by Turkey and the jihadi armed groups it supports. I demand the following:

1. International Peacekeeping Zone: 

The U.S. must advocate for peacekeeping troops and a no-fly-zone to prevent Turkey from bombing civilians and inflicting massive casualties in the region.  

2. International Recognition & Participation in Negotiations: 

The U.S. must call for recognition of Rojava’s autonomy under international law,  and insist that Kurds be at the table when peace and constitutional negotiations take place, following the principle, "Nothing about us without us."

3. Sanctions:

The U.S. must impose the toughest possible sanctions on Turkey to force it to withdraw and stop egregious violations of human rights by its military and armed groups. 

4. Turkey out of Rojava and Afrin

The U.S. must work towards the complete removal of Turkish forces and militias from Rojava, including Afrin, which has been subjected to the murderous rule of the groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda since the Turkish invasion last year. 

5. US complicity in Turkey’s war on Kurds:

The U.S. must end its military, political, and economic complicity in Turkey’s war on Kurds.

6. PKK-Turkey Peace Negotiations: 

In the long run only negotiations between Turkey and the Kurdish freedom movement can bring peace to the region. The U.S. should press Turkey to restart these negotiations.

Please share this call widely on social media

Additionally, we encourage constituents to schedule meetings with their representatives to deliver these demands. Click here for an extended script.

To Donate Directly To Rojava:


Heyva Sor is the Kurdish equivalent of the Red Cross and does the most direct on-the-ground work to support injured and displaced people in Northern Syria.


There are several countries that host Heyva Sor bank accounts, but for those Americans who are not familiar with easily transferring money directly from one bank to another with IBAN codes etc. like they do in Europe, the best solution is to go to the UK site because it has PayPal which makes donating very easy.


Here is the direct link to the UK  Heyva Sor page: 


And if you want more information, here is a link to the general page about the organization: 




The Pence agreement is a travesty that gives Erdogan everything he wants and offers the Kurds nothing. We call on Congress to repudiate this agreement and impose heavy sanctions for Turkey's invasion of Rojava and egregious violations of human rights by its military and armed groups.

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