Our Mission

Our Mission

The Emergency Committee for Rojava was founded in 2018 in response to Turkey’s invasion of Afrin. Our mission is to defend Rojava (Democratic Federation of Northern Syria), popularize its political ideas, campaign against US complicity in Turkey’s war on the Kurds, and urge the resumption of peace negotiations between the Kurdish movement and the Turkish government. We believe Rojava’s experiment in democratic confederalism, built on principles of pluralism, ecology, and feminism, offers a new model of radical democracy in a world that clearly needs one.

Our Demands

To bring about a just peace in the region the US must;

1. Ensure Rojava’s representation in Syrian peace negotiations and work for a federalist solution that will preserve its autonomy

2. Continue military support for the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces)

3. Break the Turkish embargo and send economic and humanitarian aid to Rojava

4. End the sale and delivery of weapons and intelligence equipment to Turkey

5. Press for the release of Turkish political prisoners and the resumption of peace negotiations between representatives of the Kurdish movement and the government