Steering Committee

Meredith Tax

Meredith is a writer and feminist organizer since the late Sixties. Her most recent book is A Road Unforeseen: Women Fight the Islamic State (2016).

Debbie Bookchin

Debbie is a longtime journalist, writer and speaker on municipalism, who also served as press secretary to Bernie Sanders for three years when he was first elected to the U.S. Congress.

Ozlem Goner

Ozlem is a professor at the College of Staten Island. Her research focuses on political sociology, ethnographies of the state and nationalism, comparative and historical sociology, race and ethnicity, social movements, qualitative methods, and classical, poststructural, postcolonial and feminist theory.  

Anya Briy

Anya is an independent scholar doing research on the Kurdish movement in Turkey.

Matthew Whitley

Matthew is a writer, poet and anarchist organizer affiliated with the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council.  He serves as co-editor of the radical artists’ imprint Cicada Press and is studying Cultural Anthropology in the PhD program at CUNY Graduate Center.

Rivan Mewlud

Rivan is an educator with New York City Department of Education. Her family fled the Baath regime from the Kurdish region of Iraq, and lived in refugee camps in Iran until they were granted political asylum to the United States.

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller is a Middle East Studies Master's student at CUNY Graduate Center where she researches violence and terrorism. Her focus is on emphasizing intercultural dialogue for a better understanding of other world regions. 


The Emergency Committee for Rojava was founded in 2018 by: Meredith Tax, Debbie Bookchin, Anna-Sara Malmgren, Robert Hockett, and Harriet Goldberg
A big thank you to our graphic designer: Nabil Laayouni